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mysticalness by KariLiimatainen mysticalness :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 799 56
Morning Glory
As I open one groggy eye
I see
The pink glow of light
as it enters my cold room
The precise color
Of cotton candy
And the frosted tips of grass
Like it's snown it October
Birds sing
Not realizing
That others are unwilling
To rise
The last day's rain
Has disappeared
Right along with the darkness
Thrown out, like a fever victim
Not going to blemish this day
The sun wakes
The world right behind it
My morning
My morning glory
:iconeep-chic:eep-chic 1 4
maple leafs ... by KariLiimatainen maple leafs ... :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,039 81
She Doesn't Know
  after a while, the music starts to
sound too loud and her eardrums are all but bursting if she hears one more chord, so she takes off her headphones and goes into the bathroom.
she does her business, and then she comes back out and looks at the headphones and she feels very very
for no reason other than that she can’t not.
it probably has something to do with how things look from
this side of the rainbow of school and work and social obligations and love and novels and not much else there is, is there?
she just doesn’t know of she cares, anymore.
she’s certain that she used to, at least at one point, all she wanted was to listen to music and have a strong, healthy body and read comic books and learn things and live life ‘to it’s fullest’ as her mother used to say
(her mother was an old woman with graying hair with just a few streaks of brown left snaking their way through, once a young mother and now fifty- three and old before she should h
:iconorange-sheep:orange-sheep 3 4
"It isn't rocket science"
all the time
"Popularity doesn't really matter"
Except at school
"Looks aren't everything"
unless you're a teenager
when they do
"It's about what's on the inside"
If you're Dr. Phil
"You'll understand when you're older"
"Treat everyone like you'd want to be treated"
unless you're one of them
to claw you're way to the top
:iconeep-chic:eep-chic 1 0
fire in the sky by KariLiimatainen fire in the sky :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,052 74 mystical dream by KariLiimatainen mystical dream :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 715 65 autumn feeling .. V by KariLiimatainen autumn feeling .. V :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,086 78 imaginary world by KariLiimatainen imaginary world :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,204 126
Study Hall
Study Hall
Some say
that a study hall is useful
but I think not
They say "Do you're work now,
instead of tonight!"
but why??
It's call HOMEwork
Some prefer dreaming away
Or pretending
They are diligent
I am not
Some digest plastic pens
Or slyly pick their nose
Not me
Some whisper
To their friends
I wish
Paper rustling, keyboards clacking
Pencils scratching, voices rising
I am silent
So tell us to work hard
To study to listen
I will try
Algebra, lab reports
Research projects
If only they'd tell me to write
:iconeep-chic:eep-chic 2 4
autumn feeling .. IV by KariLiimatainen autumn feeling .. IV :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 736 111 empty road II by KariLiimatainen empty road II :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,873 172 stormy monday by KariLiimatainen stormy monday :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,071 5 pier II by KariLiimatainen pier II :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,107 158 one-way ticket by KariLiimatainen one-way ticket :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 2,010 1 Golden  .. by KariLiimatainen Golden .. :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 1,927 238

Newest Deviations

Who are we today?
Thieves, cheaters, liars
Gentlemen, Ladies,
I am proud to present this
who will steal your voices
and your selves
"not too shabby," said I,
as we danced
in the pale moonlight
and celebrated
our latest heist
Our mask is the shape
the color that we wish,
a bit of you, and you
and you
swirling in our mental pockets
hidden from view
Let's switch masks
and become something else
Let's see through
another man's eyes
Let's don a new disguise
How long can we tango
in this fool's garb?
"Forever," answered I,
and then it cracked.
Here we sit, cold and brittle
one breath will blow us away
Please, let us see
our mask
our many masks
so many,
but none will fit
and everyone sees
a stranger
Not you, nor you
just one empty ache
staring back with
coals in its eyes
I, who have no face
and paper skin made out of lies.
:iconskysage:Skysage 0 12
Notebook Sketch 1 by Skysage Notebook Sketch 1 :iconskysage:Skysage 1 0 Kitten by Skysage Kitten :iconskysage:Skysage 0 39 Girl by Skysage Girl :iconskysage:Skysage 0 0 Some Eye by Skysage Some Eye :iconskysage:Skysage 0 3 Wavelength III by Skysage Wavelength III :iconskysage:Skysage 0 0 Shouldve been a wavelength by Skysage Shouldve been a wavelength :iconskysage:Skysage 0 0 Bubblerubbish by Skysage Bubblerubbish :iconskysage:Skysage 0 11 Wavelength II by Skysage Wavelength II :iconskysage:Skysage 0 0 Wavelength by Skysage Wavelength :iconskysage:Skysage 0 0 This is Still Fun by Skysage This is Still Fun :iconskysage:Skysage 1 0 Having Fun With This by Skysage Having Fun With This :iconskysage:Skysage 1 2 Basically Weirdness by Skysage Basically Weirdness :iconskysage:Skysage 0 0
Play me Music
Play me music that leaves no room for thought
not even to write poetry like salty rain
dripping from the gutters of the house I grew up in
Play me music loud and bright like a submarine
You don't have to love me, hate me
but only if you want to, darling
Only if you want to, but please
don't leave me in the silence
My mind's gonna hunt me down
gonna find me
So play me that music, loud and clear
Don't whisper, yell into my ear
Talk to me as we listen on the porch
to the beat rolling like thunder
there's a thunderstorm in me
The clouds can only hold
so much ocean until the ocean
crashes on the soft gray beach
And if the music stops
will you be my submarine?
will you be my submarine?
:iconskysage:Skysage 2 0
La Universe
My brain took a trip to Pluto
I haven't seen it since
I found true love on Venus
But then it was destroyed
to make way for a galactic freeway
I was going to write you a poem
but I failed French tests
and nibbled on
flowers instead
(with a mood ring on my finger
and a diagnosis in my head)
Now my words are backfiring
like freshly burnt toast on
bare skin
:iconskysage:Skysage 3 2
Leopold the Absolute Toymaster by Skysage Leopold the Absolute Toymaster :iconskysage:Skysage 0 19




Scott the Penguin King XIV
Current Residence: That old refrigerator that you never found the time to fix and frankly didn't care
Favourite genre of music: Metal, rock, movie soundtracks...
Operating System: Your mind is where I operate, bitches
Favourite cartoon character: Gir...
Personal Quote: "Taffy puller?...Taffy puller!....TAFFY PULLER!!!!"
1. Pick a few of your RP characters and list them. (Preferably a small number to avoid clutter.) And have fellow members assail them with questions!

2. All questions must be answered honestly. Whether your character is down with it or not.

3. All questions must be asked and answered ICly with your character from the respective RP. Eh, not too bothered if you use a character to ask or not, really c:

4. Three questions permitted per character. SCREW THIS RULE, ASK ALL YOU WANT Here here!

5. YOU CAN ASK –ANYTHING-. Anything. From bra sizes, to favorite foods, to whether or not they would wear a skin tight outfit if they took over the world. Whatever you want. It's completely open territory.

6. Post it in your journal" -straight from the baron's mouth

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